Máy lọc không khí thông minh Xiaomi 2S

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* Hãng sản xuất: Xiaomi * Model: 2S * Kích thước: 240 x 240 x 520mm * Cân nặng: 4.5kg * Đường kính bộ lọc: 200mm * Chiều cao bộ lọc: 293mm * Input: AC100V – 220V * Output: DC 24V * Tần số định mức: 50/60 Hz * Công suất định mức: 29W * Công suất dự phòng: 2W * Tỉ lệ làm sạch không khí: 310m3/h *…

Last updated on 17 Tháng Mười Hai, 2019 9:47 sáng
Máy lọc không khí thông minh Xiaomi 2S
Máy lọc không khí thông minh Xiaomi 2S

Mô tả

  • Hãng sản xuất: Xiaomi
  • Model: 2S
  • Kích thước: 240 x 240 x 520mm
  • Cân nặng: 4.5kg
  • Đường kính bộ lọc: 200mm
  • Chiều cao bộ lọc: 293mm
  • Input: AC100V – 220V
  • Output: DC 24V
  • Tần số định mức: 50/60 Hz
  • Công suất định mức: 29W
  • Công suất dự phòng: 2W
  • Tỉ lệ làm sạch không khí: 310m3/h
  • Diện tích làm sạch: 21 – 37m2

* New OLED display, real-time display of air quality and temperature.

* The standard mode of purification capacity up to 330 cubic meters per hour, the purification area can be up to 23.1 – 39.6 square meters.

* Double fan four wind circulation system, can effectively clean air circulation to sites throughout the whole house.

* Produces nearly 10000 liters of clean air per minute.

* Smartphone remote control and alerts, Real-time air quality monitor and auto speed control.

* Working modes: Automatic mode, sleeping mode, high speed mode, timing mode, etc.

* Three layers of activated carbon HEPA filter, filter removes 99.99 percent of PM2.5 particles, can effective adsorb of formaldehyde, removal of the second hand smoke, dust.

Xiaomi Air purifier 2S

Classic upgrades, good air.

OLED Display/Laser particulate sensor

310m³/h particulate matter cadr/360° 3 layer purification



OLED Display      Laser particulate matter sensor        310m³/h particulate Matter CADR            360° into the Wind 3 layer purification



New OLED display

Upgrade OLED screen, more accurate display real-time PM2.5 concentration, temperature and humidity, Wi-Fi connection and working mode, at any time to master indoor air quality changes.





Automatic screen brightness adjustment, night without interruption

Xiaomi Air purifier 2S light sensor, will automatically perceive the ambient light changes, the screen will adjust the shading. At night, let you not affected by the light source, peace of mind good sleep.



High precision laser sensor, more sensitive, more accurate

High-precision laser sensor, let Xiaomi air purifier 2S can see small to 0.3μm size of the micro-world, instantaneous accurate reflection of air quality.




Covers all angles

360°triple-layer filter

The 360° cylindrical filter takes in air more efficiently from every direction compared to conventional air purifiers. Its

triple-layer design removes particles larger than 0.3μm with a high-density EPA filter from Japanese manufacturer Toray,

while an activated coconut carbon filter removes formaldehyde, bad odour & other harmful substances, and also block the pathogenic bacteria.

Replacing the filter is simple and you will be automatically notified via the app when it needs replacing



Every way the wind blows

High air pressure, larger circulation

Send powerful gusts of air to the farthest reaches of your room. Inspired by aircraft engines, the aerodynamic pressure system created by our R&D team draws inward from the base and expels air upwards with great force. Smart phone controls let you switch on and off remotely, even when you are away from home. That way you can always be sure to come home to clean air.



Mute without interference, energy saving and low power consumption

In order to reduce the noise caused by wind resistance, we have carefully designed every wind.

Custom-made Japanese Nidec motor, ordinary working mode only 4.8W, than energy-saving bulbs lower power consumption.



“Good night, good dream” is not only a blessing before going to bed, but also when we design purifier for a better life expectation. The use of aerodynamics, the air flow through every detail are carefully designed to ensure smooth wind on the basis of wind to reduce the noise generated. Sleep mode can work quietly, such as the breeze blowing the quiet, almost hard to feel it at work. Customized Japan Nidec motor, power consumption reduced by 58%, the general work mode is only 4.8W, energy-saving light bulb than the low power consumption. You can feel at ease in the clean air, accompanied by subtle uniform wind, sound into the dream.


Completely in control

Monitor air quality at a glance

Use your phone as a remote to power on,

power off, and switch modes. The Mi Home app

also lets you monitor home air quality from your

phone at any time. Create schedules to power on, power

off, switch to Night mode, and more.

Mi Air Purifier 111111

Mi Air Purifier 2 Features1111HTB1ylm2dxPI8KJjSspfq6ACFXXaX211212_02


Going with the flow

Even a fan blade just 1mm thick can have a significant impact on airflow, that’s why Mi Air Purifier has been meticulously designed to minimize air resistance and energy loss as air flows through each section.







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